In 2017, Health:Further was producing events and content that needed to engage a broad spectrum of participants in the healthcare industry. Everyone from clinicians to tech entrepreneurs to patient advocates. Which is great, but when resources are limited, you don’t have the ability to create custom content for each of those audiences.

Instead, we created a single podcast called Contributing Factors that included perspectives from each of our audience segments. That way, even though they didn’t have their own channel, they were represented.

The result was an in-depth storytelling podcast that looked at mental health and depression from many different angles and included over a dozen different voices and perspectives.


Keeping up with the healthcare industry, what with all the issues around policy, technology, personnel and payment models, is an enormous challenge. For the past two years, we have hosted and produced an interview-style podcast for Health:Further called The Future of Health to provide insight into the trends and issues affecting healthcare innovation.

Interviews with experts, leaders and entrepreneurs across healthcare offer their experiences into issues like clinical decision support, care transitions, leadership and culture, marketing, clinician burnout and more. But to attract and maintain an audience, there has to be a common theme. For The Future of Health, the diverse topics are all anchored in the theme of providing mid-level healthcare managers the tools and ideas to innovate within their organizations.

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