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Coming up with an innovative product in healthcare or the life sciences is hard enough.

Explaining its value to your audience in clear and actionable terms is another thing entirely.

You need someone who can take all the complexity of your work and translate it into content that your ideal customer will actually care about what you’re doing and pay you for it.

And in an ideal scenario, that someone would have a strong scientific background and years of communications experience.


Welcome to the ideal scenario

A PhD in Cell Biology combined with a keen eye for the written word. Plus, years of putting the two together.

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What we do:


Manuscripts & White papers

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Audio & Podcasting


Blogs & Web Copy

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Experience? We have it in the hundreds:

  • We’ve written hundreds of posts and articles covering everything from genomics to consumer health tech.

  • We’ve edited hundreds of articles, manuscripts and blog posts looking at metabolic pathways, chatbots and everything in between.

  • We’ve produced hundreds of podcast episodes, ranging from a mini-series on RNA-seq to a multi-part, in-depth look at depression to a long-running interview show on healthcare innovation.

Need graphic design? Don’t worry, we have friends.

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It’s not just telling stories

We’re going to let you in on a secret: You’ve heard all the marketing people talking about storytelling, right? How you gotta use the hero’s journey and narrative arcs and all the rest to get your point across? There’s a ton of great research demonstrating the power of story going back millennia. So yeah, we’re on board with all that and can do it with the best of them.

But that’s only part of the…story (kinda walked into that one, huh?)

Sometimes you can spend too much time worrying about “story.” Sometimes you just need a really well-written technical document. Help with a manuscript. A series of interviews with experts in your field. Sometimes, all the talk about best practices and current marketing trends gets in the way of just getting it done.

At Filament, we pay attention to content marketing trends but we don’t get handcuffed to them. We’ll create the material you need to get your message across, full stop.

Who you are:

You’re a small but growing company somewhere in the life sciences.

  • You might be in healthcare, but if you are, you’re working on something more medical in nature (sorry, revenue cycle management people. We love you but probably can’t help.)

  • You have someone working marketing but don’t have a full team in place, yet.

  • You have a long list of collateral that needs to be produced, but not enough time to do it.

  • You know you have to educate your market. You don’t believe the saying, “if we build it, they will come.”

  • You want great content because it matters, not because it checks a box. You believe in quality. You’re happy to leave the $5 freelancers to someone else.

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These people like us. You will, too.

David is exceptionally talented at making complex concepts understandable and compelling… I can’t recommend anybody more highly.
— Matt Faulkner, Director of Marketing at Briovation
David’s scientific background speaks for itself. What surprised me was his content marketing knowledge and his ability to translate across various media. He has done great work for us.
— Nick Tazik, VP of Growth at Concert Genetics
Working with Filament has allowed me to translate our expertise in RNA into useful content for our customers in a timely and high-quality manner. David is professional, and a talented scientific marketer who understands balancing accurate, technical information with interesting delivery.
— Natalie LaFranzo, Director of Scientific Projects and Market Development at Cofactor Genomics
David started helping my business long before I asked him to do any work for me. He is my go-to resource when I need to bounce ideas off someone who understands life sciences and communication. Naturally, when I needed help putting together an eBook, I chose David. He is an excellent writer and editor...he took a project I was putting off and made it happen faster and better than what I would have done myself.
— Chris Conner, Owner of Life Science Marketing Radio
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Enough of that. Let’s talk.

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